Jovanski Castañeda

Movement Artist / scenic creator

His training starts in Mexico with informal practices of martial arts and athletics. At the age of fifteen he discovers the Butoh technique and the Noh Theater, which allows him to have a better understanding of the use of weight, the breathing and how to translate emotions. Jovanski also experience chi-kuing and contemporary dance with the company ki dance. He keeps training and exploring other techniques at the University of Performing Arts such as, Cuban contemporary, traditional dances and complements of acrobatics.

In 2015, Jovanski launches Humana, a project designed to investigate principles of human movements, using ancestral foundations to apply it to contemporary dance.

So far, Jovanski has performed with several companies in Mexico, in festivals and for independent projects worldwide.

Today, he focuses on integrating different disciplines to his body practice, eliminating the boundaries between disciplines and observing how to respond to a more comprehensive practice.

jovanski danse.jpg