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Lighting Point

Dancers: Sarah Le Guenno, Logan Pedon, Thea Bautista, Nikki Ervice, Liah Jiyoon Jeon
Choreographer: Thea Bautista
Music: Loscil, Stahv Danken, Ido Lusky, Yoni Marianer



Lighting Point is a piece choreographed by Thea Bautista. This dance is about the unknown and the search for understanding the invisible. The dancers evolve in the space, exploring individually what surrounds them but they always end up coming back to the group. This dance is an introspection of the human self, as the unknown can be found outside but also within.



When ?

JUN 15 // 7:30 pm

Tickets: $25 at the door or online


Where ? 

Center for performance research,

361 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211