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New Age

Dancers: Sarah Le Guenno, Logan Pedon, Thea Bautista, Nikki Ervice, Liah Jiyoon Jeon
Choreographer: Thea Bautista
Guest Artist: Sasha Meret
Music: Loscil, Radiohead, Opiate, Stahv Danker, Ido Luski, Yoni Marianer
Lighting design: Camille Demouge
Photo: Den Porvatkin



New Age is an interactive show that invites its audience to enter a new and mysterious world where dance and fashion shape the space. The audience will be moving in the photo studio and guided throughout the show by the dancers, the lighting, the sounds and the visual effects.

Fashion and art have many similarities and this show will bring those fields together. The lighting, the costumes is aiming to offer a new approach of visuals in the arts but also in the fashion world.


When ?

MAY 11 // 7:30 pm + 8:45 pm

Where ? 

Dune Studios

154 Morgan Av.,
Brooklyn, NY 11237

price ?