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Artémus Grolleau Birotteau

Artemus Grolleau Birotteau, born in 2000, is a dancer from Marseille who has developed a remarkable career in the world of dance. Passionate about various styles, he excels not only in contemporary dance but also has an interest in other genres such as voguing, classical, and hip-hop. After training at the Conservatoire of Aix-en-Provence, he joined Josette Baïz's Grenade company for a decade, followed by two years at the Ballet Junior of Geneva. Currently, Artemus is involved in the project "Les 10 commandments," directed by choreographer Giuliano Peparini in collaboration with singer-composer Pascal Obispo. In parallel, he enriches his experience by dancing for Althea Dance Company. His involvement in these projects demonstrates his commitment to artistic expression in contemporary dance. Always seeking exploration and innovation, Artemus embodies a bold vision of dance, where the diversity of styles and influences enriches his practice and fuels his passion for this art form.

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