Dancers: Geovanni Ortega, Thea Bautista
Choreographer: Thea Bautista
Text and Voice: Olivier Benyahya
Music: MSHR Art Collective



Lazar is a duet choreographed by Thea Bautista based on a extract a novel written by the French author Olivier Benyahya. The work is performed by MSHR (music) and Althea Dance Company. While the music was composed using the text, the movement is inspired by the words and plays with the musicality and the rhythm the text creates.
The novel becomes a visual and sound experience in which words translate into movements.

The work was partly created in 2017 (10min) during a first residency in Oaxaca and was composed of dance and literature.
In March 2019, MSHR Art Collective joined the creative process. Thanks to the support of the cultural center “Antigua Estación del Ferrocarril” in Oaxaca, Mexico, a second 3 weeks-residency was made possible; the 10min piece turned into a 1 hour piece that was premiered in Oaxaca on the 17th of March 2019.