Dancers: Geovanni Ortega, Thea Bautista
Choreographer: Thea Bautista
Music: Olivier Benyahya



Lazar is a duet choreographed by Thea Bautista based on a extract of Olivier Benyahya's book Lazar. The music was composed using the original text. The movement is inspired by the words and plays with the musicality and the rhythm the text creates. Lazar just killed someone; it is the beginning of a storm of questions and ideas. This dance is about memories, introspection and sharing.


When ?

feb 23 + 24 // 8 pm

Tickets: at the door


Where ? 

La Locomotora foro escénico,

Calle Norte 1 No. 109
68115 Oaxaca de Juárez