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Dancers: Logan Pedon, Thea Bautista
Choreographer: Thea Bautista
Text and Voice: Olivier Benyahya
Music: City Dragon, Alva Noto & Byetone, Monolake

© 2019
Photo by Withney Brown


In an age where uncertainty rules, where landmarks change or disappear, in an age that destabilizes our relationship to each other and to the world, the themes of instrospection, isolation, reflection, renewal, and the cycle of history are omnipresent. Is the relationship between what we see and Reality what we actually think it is? Does it change when we are in a group and when we are alone? Seeing without seeing is the risk of a society where information is everywhere and without distinction. The decisions of individuals that result from it mark and redefine the world in which we evolve. How can our daily life, what we know so well and take for granted, suddenly change? The need to readapt and reinvent ourselves is born. It is the crossing of an unknown, mysterious world in which the shadows are both the questions and the answers.

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