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Nothing To Do The film

Althea Dance Company, in collaboration with the filmmaker and photographer Samantha Mandich, are presenting the dance film Nothing To Do, watch it now!

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About the event

Nothing To Do is a fashion, dance and editorial collaboration with the film maker and photographer Samantha Mandich. This editorial was inspired by the notion of distance and reflection and how people become reflections of one another as well as their environment.

The choreographed dance set against the backdrop of a Parisian garden, a rooftop and a checkered staircase communicate a nostalgic and dreamlike sequence of sporadic moments that transports the viewer to a surreal escape.

The film is a commentary on freedom in a confined environment. Although the setting is realistic, the behavior of the characters in the film brings an element of surrealism to the narrative, intended to symbolize the dazed state we can fall into while being isolated from society.

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