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Wednesday Morning Croissant

Choreography : Thea Bautista
Dancers : Logan Pedon, Sarah Le Guenno, Nikki Ervice, Liah Jiyoon Jeon
Music : Savages (Remix)
Text : Ona Abelis

© 2019

Photos by Den Porvatkin

Wednesday Morning Croissant

Wednesday Morning Croissant is a mesmerizing dance piece that was inspired by a poem. The dancers move with grace and precision, as if each step is a word of the poem. The piece revolves around the little things of life that are often taken for granted but can hold immense meaning. From the first sip of coffee to the aroma of fresh croissants, the dancers convey the essence of these simple pleasures through their movements. The piece reminds us that it's often the small things in life that can bring us the most joy and fulfillment, and that we should cherish them always.

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